Allow Me to Introduce MYSELF

It’s been 4 years or so and I think it’s about time to introduce myself! 


Hi, my name is Hashim Zahid from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I have loved watches for a very long time; at the age of six I was gifted a Breitling Aerospace, it had the full works and intrigued me. The first time that I put it on…well that is where my story begins.


Fast-forward a decade, or so; I decided I needed something mechanical, but still appropriate for a daily watch wearer. Unknowingly at the time, I had just opened the door to a life long passion to understand, appreciate and collect watches.  An addication I am proud of.

My search began by setting criteria that the watched needed to meet; rugged, timeless design and uniqueness. Something I knew I wanted but didn’t know where to find.  Search engines and Watch Forums served as an infinite library and to my surprise, I found a community with the same horology and watch collecting interests.  

I now realized that my new found passion was one that I shared with many collectors and brands across the globe.


Today, I see myself as a person who loves all watches; the ones that I don’t love are the ones that I don’t understand.  I have found that each watch, no matter its price, as a story behind it, just like people, you either click and relate or you don’t!


My niche is Tool watches, the ones created for a certain purpose and serve a specific function. Not because I need the functionality, but because of the exciting stories they tell about serving purpose.  


Not every watch is a Tool watch. They are obsolete objects that are only made with passion and perfection.  Today’s watches are made with luxury in mind and the tools have morphed into something more relevant to the times we live in.  They are beautiful and continue to carry iconic traits that once made them great, but to me watches will never be the same again. 

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